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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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on the pope's agenda, a white house session and praying at ground zero in new york and the world meeting of families in philadelphia. francis' signature is reaching out, stopping for those in society often ignored, leaving no baby unblessed, no gift unacknowledged. on the flight to havana the pope told me he wants to meet the american people, so much so he requested a ride in central park. he will take in a sound up jeep wrangler. francis' love of crowds gives those charg a with protecting him headaches and widespread security preparations are already well under way. the head of papal security tells me there's no specific security threat to the pope on this trip, and he is confident in the secret service protection plan. today pope francis travels to the cuban countryside and he will visit one of the holiest shrines in this country, a shrine that draws pilgrims from all over latin america. savannah, back to you. >> all right, anne thompson,
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john miller is deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism for the new york city police department, a key component of the massive security effort being put into place for the pope's visit. john, good morning. >> good morning. >> it's good to see you. how would you describe this type of security challenge. >> well, this is the single larger and most complicated security undertaking in the history of the nypd, not because the pope hasn't been here before. popes have traveled to new york many times it's because you have the u.n. general assembly with 170 world leaders. you have the president of the united states coming at some point during this, and you have the pope, and the difference here is new yorkers especially are used to the president passing through. they are used to world leader traveling across town. it's a factor of having the u.n. in town, but they will actually stop in large, large numbers and gather to see the pope, so running all three of those at once has never been done before. >> anne touched on it in her piece.
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this is a pope who likes to get out and be with the people. he wants to touch people and shake hands. is that something you're comfortable with him doing in new york city? >> you know, when you are the pope, it really doesn't matter if we're comfortable with it if he decides he's going to hope out of the car, so, you know, what we've done working with the lead agency here, this is a nsse, a national security special event so the secret service has overall command for the protection of the pope and the event, but we're going to have thousands and thousands of cops who work hand in glove and we have a very layered approach to this which is we have a plan and if we have to divert a plan, especially if he decides to, we're prepared for that. >> it's about protecting the pope. it's also about protecting the crowds that come to see the pope because as you well know isis has made no secret of its desire to go after soft targets like that. >> well, that's right. you know, we've seen that in the boston marathon bombing model,
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focused on the key protectee here which is the pope and we'll have a lot of things in the background and there will be plain clothes people in the ground and there's a network of cameras, a number of detectors and sensors and that's all part of it. >> going to be a busy week for all of you. thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> good to see you. with more than 60 million catholics in the united states, what will this pope find when he arrives here. according to the new shriver report, a survey of american catholics 77% say his teachings match up with their beliefs. >> but there are notable exceptions and a lot more on this survey that later on when special anchor emshriver joins us here live. >> and we'll turn now to politics and things certainly getting interesting in the republican race for president bolstered by a strong debate performance performance. carly fiorina is now in second place behind donald trump. we'll talk to donald in a moment but first let's get to nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning to you. donald trump's momentum seems to be facing and ben carson is facing calls he drop out of the
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race from a prominent muslim-american group after controversial comments he made about islam and the presidency and us a noted carly fiorina has rocketed up in the polls. this morning two top-tier republicans are on the defensive. ben carson telling nbc's chuck todd he would not support a muslim president. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation, i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: later carson's campaign clarified his statement insisting he has great respect for the muslim community but just doesn't people the american people are ready for a muslim president. donald trump till fending off questions about his failure to correct a questioner who wrongly claimed that president obama is a muslim and blamed muslims for being a problem in the u.s. >> i have friends that are muslims. they are great people, amazing people, but we certainly do have a problem.
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throughout the world. >> reporter: what's the problem? >> well, you have radicals that are doing things. i mean, it wasn't people from sweden that blew up the world trade center. >> reporter: both controversial comments come after another shake-up and anp already unpredictable republican race. trump's lead dwindling down eight points since the start of september, and catapulting over carson carly fiorina fresh off her strong debate showing. after fiorina trargted trump on the debate stage. >> i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: trump is firing back. >> she she's got a good pitter patter, but if you listen to her for more than five minutes straight you get a headache. >> reporter: overnight trump attacked fiorina's business record tweeting fiorina did such a horrible job at lose ent and hewlett-packard, virtually destroying both companies, that she never got another ceo job offer, and one other item that's worth noting this morning. the total collapse of wisconsin governor scott walker. he once hovered at the top of the polls. walker now gets legs than a half of a percentage point. savannah and willie. >> peter alexander on the
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>> let's turn to donald trump who joins us on the phone. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> i'll remind you at the top because i know you'll remind me if you don't have you still lead in every single point but the latest national poll by cnn does show a decrease for you and more importantly in all of the polls done post-debate carly fiorina is surging. do you consider her a threat? >> well, i think when people find out what a horrible job she did in business running two companies into the ground, lose ent and hp, i think that, you know, she lost to barbara boxer in a landslide. she was leading that race, a race that should have been won by republicans and she got absolutely decimated in that race. >> why do you think she's surging now in. >> because she's got a good line of pitter patter, and if you listen to her speaking it's the same line that i will speak to my friend bebe netanyahu, et cetera, et cetera. she says it over and over and a lot of people didn't hear it in the debate and they heard it for
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the first time. almost robotic. you look at it and it's robotic, but i think people will understand her soon and when they look at her record of tremendous failure, look, she took lose ent into the ground. she took hp into the ground, destroyed it, and i think that, you know, and then she ran for the senate in a race that should have been won and lost because of the fact that she did so badly as a business leader. the head of the yale school of business, one. heads, wrote a report that was one of the most vicious i've ever seen. i mean, it was true, but it was a very strong report, so i think, you know, when people see her record i don't see how she can possibly win and the reason she lost when she ran for the senate, and she lost in a landslide, is when her record was exposed. >> let's talk about you. obviously you've gotten a lot of attention for some comments that were made by a voter at a town hall late last week. the voters said, among other things, the problem in this country is muslim. now you have since said that you
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know many muslims. you have friends who are muslims and they are excellent, fabulous and great and have a great respect and love for them. if that's the case why didn't you say that right then and there? >> well, i said it always. i've never had a problem with muslims. you do have an individual problem where you have some radicals that are causing problems, and i can be politically correct. somebody said oh, how can you say that, and i said give me a break, it's all over the world. that's all we're talking about. you turn on the nightly news and turn on the newscasts, no matter where you are, you have a problem. people don't have to admit that, savannah. they can try and keep it nice and cool, but the fact is you do have a problem, and it's a problem that has to be addressed. >> i think there is this issue of radical islam, but that's not what this voter said. he said the problem in this country is muslims, and i guess my question to you is would you have corrected him if he had said something like the problem in this country is christians or the problem in this country is -- >> i assumed he was talking about the radical islam, and
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again, no matter where you turn you're reading about it and you're seeing it. it's an amazing problem. it's a very big problem. now, i fully understand the muslims are great people and i have many friends and i have -- and they are great friends. by the way, they are concerned with radical islam, too, but i assumed that that what he was talking about. >> let me ask you one more thing. he also said the president is muslim and the president is not an american. do you take any responsibility for the popularity of those views when you yourself for many, many years were a big proponent of the notion that the president was not born in the united states? do you bear any responsibility for the fact that voters who think that are attracted to your campaign? >> well, savannah, he made statements. it's not my obligation to defend the president, and is the president going to defend me because last night during the emmy awards people said things about me or is the president going to hold a news conference today? i don't think so. >> do you feel response for attracting those views? >> i don't think it's my
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obligation to defend him. i mean, i have no obligation to defend him, and most people agree with that. now, you know, when he makes his statements, he's asking me a question. i actually said nothing. this is the first time in my entire life that people have made something controversial with respect -- >> i think that's because it's so drinking, donald, for you not to say something. that's why people think by remaining silent you tacitly agreed. >> a man was asking a question and i decided why should i come to the defense of the president, he won't come to my defense and most people agreed with what i did. as far as polls are concerned, the only poll you didn't put up which was the nbc poll where i'm way at the top. i'm much more than double and i don't understand why nbc is using a cnn poll which was also a good poll. i'm leading by a lot, but the nbc poll that you announced yesterday was fantastic, and you didn't talk about that. >> well, i tried to. >> i'm just saying this, why aren't you talking about your own poll?
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why are you showing a cnn poll which is very good but not as good as one you put up yesterday? >> i should have mentioned our nbc poll by name and i did say that you were leading by every poll. >> you put up the cnn poll but not the nbc poll and you're the ones that are paying for the nbc poll so i don't get it other than the nbc poll is a very good poll for trump. >> it's a good poll for trump. the cnn one is a good one for you, too, you're leading by double digits. >> nbc was better. >> fair enough. we'll leave it there. thank you for your time. always appreciate it. >> donald is up 15 in that nbc survey. a nighttime of stars in los angeles for the 67th annual emmy awards. hollywood turning out in force to honor t ves's best. nbc joe fryar has the highlights and surprises. joe, good morning. >> reporter: "game of thrones" made history winning 12 emmys shattering the previous record held by "the west wing" and "veep" took the crown
7:12 am
an emmy night filled with firsts. the red carpet was hot. >> literally and figuratively hot. >> reporter: hovering around 100 degrees. >> i can male right now sweat running down my legs. isn't that glamorous. >> reporter: so stars skuried inside for first-time host andy sanberg eamon log. >> ramps is over. don't fact check that. >> reporter: history was made when viola davis became the first african-american woman to win lead actress in the drama. >> the only thing that search rates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. you can not win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. >> reporter: going into the joe jon hamm had never won an emy. >> all just here for jon hamm. >> that was on invite, for jon hamm. >> reporter: the "mad men" star finally got his trophy. >> it was a terrible mistake.
7:13 am
bore was a first time winner dedicating his trophy to the transgender. >> reporter: and allison janney got her seventh, almost an acting record. >> ties you with mary tyler moore and ed asner and puts you behind cloris leachman. >> the three in one sentence it enough to take me out. >> reporter: the top honors went to "veep" and "game of thrones" and the biggest surprise came when tracy morgan walked on stage, his sense of humor shining through last again after last year's crash. >> when i finally regained consciousness i was just ecstatic to learn i wasn't the one who messed up. came from my heart. my peers and my comrades and to the people in tv land, thank you very much. >> reporter: in all a dominant night for hbo winning 43 emmys this year, including several for the limited series "olive kittredge" and netflix won with uzo aduba wing for "orange is the new black."
7:14 am
comedy emmy for that exact same character last year but this year the show was deemed a drama. willie and savannah. >> we're big fans of hers. thanks. a lot of great moment, tracy morgan coming back. jon hamm finally gets that statue. >> eighth's time a charge. >> and of course, our buddy carson. >> shall we call him right now and wake him up? actually we're going to find carson a bit early and have a lot more on the emmys coming up. natalie, big story out of california this morning. >> that's right, the fire season rages on out west. officials in california say another 162 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire north of san francisco. that brings the total amount of more than 1,000 homes burned in tlat county. meantime, at least one person has died in a fire in carmel valley. that fire has burned 1,200 acres and destroyed ten structures. it's now about 30% contained. some scary moments at a u2 concert.
7:15 am
after a security scare forced them to evacuate the arena in stockholm, sweden. police didn't say what the reason was, but they had started an investigation regarding a possible weapons violation. "the ire times" is reporting a man had a gun inside the arena. no suspect was arrested. the show has been rescheduled for tomorrow. a video taken on the southwest airlines flight is raising some safety concerns this morning. it shows a flight attendant who appears to slur his words and then you see falls asleep there. that video was taken by a passenger on a flight from birmingham, alabama to dallas who thought the flight attendant was acting strangely. while the man was making the safety announcement he seems to forget the script, begins talking slowly and then momentarily nods off. he wakes up, as you see there, just a few seconds later. we have reached out to southwest airlines for comment and have not heard back yet. a bizarre moment during a formula 1 race on sunday when a fan wandered on to the track in
7:16 am
singapore as cars sped by him more than 200 miles per hour. can you see him right there off toee the side. just casually walking near the fence. the incident prompted officials to send out the safety car. the 27-year-old man was eventually climbed over the trackside barrier. he was taken into police custody, but still with those cars racing past him. he's lucky he didn't get hit. >> absolutely. natally, thank you so much. hi. your name is --. we've missed you, al roker. >> damn glad to meet you. >> god to have you back. >> thanks, guys. >> while we've got some rain coming back, unfortunately where they don't need it in the southwest, it's been raining like crazy. all that flooding. guess what. last week more on tap. this is all part of a tropical disturbance that's going to be making its way up through the baja of california. it brings all the moisture tuesday on into wednesday. in fact, there could be mud slides and we could be talking about flooding in the area. look at rainfall through wednesday morning.
7:17 am
the upper midwest, but all eyes on the southwest. locally 2 to 4 inches of rain throughout parts of arizona and one to two inches as you get into southern california. we're going to get to your l slipped into the 50s even in the park. down to 59 degrees now. newark 57. 60 at jfk. northwestern suburbs a few upper 40s. jackets and sweaters early on this morning. we anticipate a lot of cloud cover. filtered sunshine from from time
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to time. about 70 at noon. a forecasting a high of 74. seven-day forecast. same tomorrow. clouds, limited sun, breezy. 75. bright and sunny by wednesday. same for thursday as the pope arrives. 80 on friday. could few clouds. a bit cooler by the weekend. weather, savannah. >> all right, al. thank you. could copy cats still be on the loose? the concerns from phoenix this morning after the arrest of a suspect in that string of highway sniper shootings. plus, an exclusive first look inside the president's historic visit to a federal prison and the personal and revealing conversation he shared with some of the inmates there.
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coming up, a lot more on the emmys including the fashions that turned how does it feel to lose weight while on weight watchers?
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well tomorrow. a beautiful view from the brooklyn bridge. it's monday, september 2 isst. good morning. i'm michael gargiuloment. a new jersey police officer faces charges for a deadly crash. katherine creag is there. >> reporter: michael, we're awaiting the arrival of the police officer from linden, new jersey. is expected to arrive here at this police station and then he'll face a judge later on today for arraignment. his name is pedro a bad. 27 years old. he is expected to face vehicular manslaughter dharjs.
7:23 am
and one was a police officer from linden as well who was killed. take a look at the morning commute with lauren. >> we have an accident for long island commuters on the northern state parkway. this is eastbound by will et cetera road. one lane squeaking by there. shoulder blocked here heading westbound. leave yourself plenty of extra time. we have a disabled vehicle on the major deegan. southbound by yankee stadium. delays back to 233rd street. watch out for an accident on the garden state parkway southbound out by exit 130 in the center lane. back to you, michael. >> lauren, thanks very much. we'll be right back with chris'
7:24 am
starting out in the 50s. 40s in the distant suburbs. warming back to 74 this afternoon. limited sunshine. same thing tomorrow. both days breezy but little temperature change. in the mid-70s. overnight lows, 60s. the pope's arrival, sunny, 80. more clouds on friday. low to mid-70s but dry for the upcoming weekend. >> chris, thanks so much. coming up on the "today" show, a look at the modern american catholic and a special series called "do you believe."
7:25 am
foe're down to 7:30, 21st of september, 2015. what are you two talking about? i see a lot of giggles. i know, aren't you. a lit le buddy back next year. >> i missed you,pleys. >> we missed you, too. >> let'sheck out what's making headlines his morning.
7:26 am
the republican race but one poll has that lead slinking down eight points this month following her standout performance i last week's debate. carly fiorina has now surged to second place. pope francis is spending his second full day in cuba ahead of his historic trip to the united states this week. on sunday he celebrated mass in the havana main plaza before a crowd f 300,000 peo e and met with fismer president fidel castro. >> and a record night at the mys for hbo's "game of thrones" picking up best award for best drama and viola davis became thenfirst woman f color to with enbest actor and jon hamm finally get the award for "mad men." more on that coming up. the suspect arrested in a connection with a string of highway shootings in phoenix are insisting police have the wrong man as he sits behind bars this morning, but officials say their investigation proves ore way. here's neighbors's gaddy schwartz. >> reporter: traffic is flowing down the i-10 but the warning
7:27 am
suspected i-10 shooter 21-year-old les lie allen merritt jr. is in jail linking him to the gun with four of the seemingly random shootings that terrorized drivers for more than five weeks. in court merritt told the j he was innocent. >> all i have to say is that i'm the wrong guy. tried telling tohe detectives ppthatg and my gun's been in the pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> reporter: his father calling him a hard working landscaper and family man. my son is the type of if he sees a person in need he'd take the shirt off his back. >> reporter: and some of the wrong suspect.h >> i don't think hes one who is ing the shooting, neat on the freeway. i think it's somebody else. >> reporter: but police say ballistic tests show a gun pawned by merritt was used in the shootings on august 29th and 30th and court documents show
7:28 am
when the shootings happened. on friday the s.w.a.t. team arrested merritt at this walmart. >> people have got peace of mind. >> reporter: on ground people who drive up and down i-10 is lieved. >>in i'm glad this person was cadught but i atpretty frightenong. >> reporter: many are wondering about the other seven shootings still unsolved. >> would i like to believe that is over by i'll definitely stay off the i-10 for a while. >> reporter: police are looking for copycat shooters encouraging drivers to remain on alert. nbc news, phoenix, arizona. >> still a lot of frayed nerves there for sure. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> calendar says it's going to be first day of fall on wednesday. >> yeah. >> thermometer says completely different, all right. we've got this heat building sih rs ge of high pressure. jet stream way up to the north and the start off in the midwest. look at the temperaturers today. anywhere from 10 to 5 degrees above normal, denver 5 and amarillo 91 and minneapolis at 78.
7:29 am
and chicago you're at 78 and little rom five degrees above average at 19 and minneapolis at 75 and new york city eight degrees above average, 81, charleston 82 and burlington looking at 78. 12 degrees above average. lots of sunshine here in the northeast. showers along the spine of the appalachians. the southwest looking at wet weather as that low pressure system makes its way in. cooler weather in the pacific northwest which will help the firefighters al, thanks very much. cool start out there. high point, 48 degrees. the gap 48 as well. allamuchy 49. the distant suburbs, upper 40s. most of lon island and the jersey shore as well. looking at a day with cl>>ouds, limited sunshine. chilly start. breezy today and tomorrow it looks good as the pope arrives on thursday. here's your seven-day forecast. talking about mid-70s thebiext uple of days. warming to 81 on wednesday ande 80 o thurkesday. featuring sunshine. more clouds friday, 76. weekend looks quiet. highs low an
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bring water to their village, write the next masterpiece, or open a school. explore a new planet or be the next davinci. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we don't know who it is, we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windo 10. the future starts now for all of us. we're back at 7:39. president obama made history in
7:35 am
july as the first federal prison to visit a federal prison. >> the visit was captured by "vice," a look at fixing the prisons. now a look at the president's visit behind the el reno correctional facility in oklahoma. >> how y'all doing? >> the image is striking, the president surrounded by convicted felons, a chance to highlight a system he thinks is broken, manned fry ten sensing for nonviolent offenders. >> as a society we seem to be okay with certain communities being locked in this cycle where kids are being raised around drug crime, they naturally gravitate towards the drug crime and get involved in the criminal justice system and it just churns and everybody thinks that's normal. >> the president even opens up about his own absent father affected him. >> i didn't know my dad, and we have too many of our young
7:36 am
people that don't know their dads and obviously for them to be able to see u you in a strong positive way, you know, that's going to have an impact. >> i met my dad for one month when i was 10 years old. in my life. >> tyrone serving 15 years for a nonviolent drug charge tells the president he's trying to make the most of his sentence. >> i'm in a college program. i'll graduate in may of 2016 so i'm taking advantage of this time to better myself as a man for my kids. when i get out i can be a better person to them. they can look up to me like my dad has really changed his life, turned his life around. >> that will be a powerful message for them. >> yes, sir. >> and it is not lost on the in as well. >> yeah. i did a lot of stupid stuff when i was young, but i've said this before. i was just in an environment where you can afford to make
7:37 am
i had more than a lot of kids do. >> shane smith is the founder of vice media and behind "vice" on hbo. you've seen some of the images. what was it like having a sitting u.s. president walk the halls of a federal correctional facility? >> i mean, the honesty is what shook me the most about how he opened up and said, yes, i've done drugs and there for the grace of god i go i and i didn't know my dad. i mean, that's pretty unique, especially as this presidential race is going on, to have a sitting president go there and explain why he had empathy why these prisoners. >> you talk about the empathy, shape. what do you feel like he had in common with those men sitting across from him? >> he's very open about it. he said, look, i made mistakes when i was younger just like everybody else has made and he had a bigger safety net, and when he first came to chicago and was doing community
7:38 am
organizing that -- he wasn't that different from, you know, a lot of people who were being sent away for these incredibly long sentences, and i think that attorney general holder and president obama have more empathy than previous presidents and attorneys. >> documentary was screened on the white house last friday. the president was there. >> yeah. >> did you get a good review? >> yeah, we got a good review and a good review by the ex-attorney general holder which was good because he actually knows a lot what have we were talking about. >> what did they say about it? >> well, i think there's general consensus consensus. what we're trying to do is sign the light. there's general consensus not only from the president and his office, the attorney general's office but also the republicans and democrats that something's gone horribly wrong, and there's not a lot of dissent. there's now how do we fix it? and you have, you know, ted cruz with cory booker, you know, and you're never going to see that on capitol hill with anybody else other than criminal justice
7:39 am
reform because both sides realize it's completely broken. >> rand paul has made this a center piece of his campaign. >> a lot of senators, a lot of congress people out there, the president himself, saying, look, we have to fix this. >> and the documentary shines a light on this for sure. >> shane smith, congratulations. "vice, special report, affirmative actioning the system" airs sunday night on hbo. >> coming up, who wore it best? the red carpet looks from last night's emmy awards that stole the show. >> and the shiny new hardware
7:40 am
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7:43 am
we mentioned a minute ago carson's got an excused absence this morning. tamron explains why. hey, tamron. >> yes, he's in the air right
7:44 am
now flying home with that hardware. carson a big winner at theamies last night and congrats to our buddy and team for "the voice" who won for outstanding reality competition. carson instagrammed from the airport early this morning, take a look, making the humble trip back home. i said on twitter it's bring your statue to work day tomorrow. got to see this. another big winner at the winner was hbo. not only did they take home the most awards for any network, emmy host andy sanberg gave them major love sharing his hbo now user name and password on live tv and, guys, actually his real user name and password. people went bananas logging on to the subscription-based service and, of course, we watched it all play out and watch all the emmy-winning shows and hbo joined the fun as they should have. if anybody needs hbo recommendations, thank andy samberg. major fail. all the people logged in and crashed the website.
7:45 am
many are assuming that this was a, mag stunt. andy. we don't know. we don't have any confirming a. we will know if andy pops up on hbo with his own show. meanwhile, miss savannah guthrie guthrie, i don't think you were watching the emmys but you were probably crying because the eagles lost to the cowboys. >> whoa! >> i'm sorry. >> a very costly loss with tony romo. >> i was sideswiped. >> but tony is going to be okay and the only reason i kind of root for the eagles baby zale has an eagles shirt. the family. >> you didn't see that coming, did you? >> i really didn't see it coming and i should have seen it coming and baby zale had to stay up light because mike thinks she's good luck charm. i think we've established that that is not the case. >> but you're right, al. tony romo injured there so we're wishing him the best. good game. >> tamron, that's 15 yards, personal foul. >> unsportsmanlike conduct. >> look at miss vale.
7:46 am
>> i love you, baby, but it wasn't enough. she gave it her all though, right? >> thank you, tamron, i guess. >> coming up, maria shriver is here to talk about how american catholics feel about pope francis and the direction he is taking the church in ahead of
7:47 am
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7:51 am
a live look at the tappan zee bridge over the hudson river. it's september 21st. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. happening now, police are searching for a gunman who killed a bronx livery cap driver. happened near east 189th street in the beaumont section. belmont section of the bronx. 39-year-old barry mamadou was killed. he was a father of three. had another child on the way. he was talking with another family member on the way and driving, that's when the passenger pulled a gun. mr. mamadou hung up and it was the last time anyone heard from him. mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton going to meet with tennis player blake today. while the officer involved was placed on desk duty, blake has said he should be fired. let's look at the morning commute with lauren. >> auto michael, good morning. broad street bound trains,
7:52 am
running express to myrtle avenue because of a sick customer. an accident on the garden state parkway southbound by exit 130 and after exit 12 in the car lines. a disabled vehicle by yankee stald yum on the deegan. breezy comfortable and cool. mostly cloudy, 60. tomorrow, more clouds than sun and we'll see a high of 75 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, allure magazine debuts the top beauty picks. all the must have beauty products to kick your beauty regimen up a notch.
7:53 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, remembering jackie collins. hollywood's biggest stars honor the literary trailblazer who chose to keep her lengthy battle with breast cancer private for nearly a decade. plus, beyond "baywatch." pamela anderson is raw and
7:54 am
revealing in her latest book as follower pin-up model gets very personal. and the stars sizzle on a red hot red carpet. we're going to break down all the show-stopping fashions from last night's 67th annual emmy awards, today, monday, september 21st, 2015. >> it's my birthday and i'm fabulous at 50? i'm celebrating my birthday. >> and this is my first time in new york. >> all the way from georgia celebrating my big 70th birthday on the "today" show. >> from arizona. >> from california. >> we're celebrating our 39th anniversary! >> here to watch the "today" show. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today."
7:55 am
what a pretty morning out on our plaza, the 21st of september, 2015. it feels like fall, a nice little chill in the air. say good morning to everyone. we'll set the morning off. al is back and all is right with the world. >> and a loud, energetic crowd. what we like out here this morning. coming up, maria shriver is here with a new look at catholics in america, and we're happy to say she will be with us for much of the week contributing to our coverage of pope francis' first ever visit to the united states. plus -- >> wrangler. wrangler is after me. i've got apparently something on me that he likes. it's my mutton jobs. tomorrow we'll catch up with our friend joan lunden who has been so brave and open about her battle with breast cancer. she will catch us up on how she's doing and obviously she's been an inspiration to people all around this country, a fantastic woman. >> absolutely. let's go inside and natalie has a check of the top stories. natalie, good morning. good morning to you all once again.
7:56 am
pope francis is visiting cuba's holiest shrine on his final day there before head together u.s. held an extraordinary meeting with cuban president president raul castro and his brother fidel, former communist leader and rough losery. earlier he addressed a crowd of 300,000 people in cuba's main plaza and asked them to serve each other rather than an ideology. pope francis will arrive to washington on tuesday and will address congress on thursday as well. former businesswoman carly fiorina has surged to second place in the republican presidential race in the latest national poll. she still trails though behind donald trump. earlier on "today" trump told savannah that fiorina will lose the same way that she lost the 2010 california senate race because he says she was not a good executive. >> when people see her record, i don't see how she can possibly win, and the reason she lost when she ran for the senate, and she lost in a landslide, is when her record was exposed. >> on friday fiorina defended
7:57 am
ceo and said people can quote, comment on my track record at hewlett-packard all week long. a new controversy over the proposed nuclear deal between iran, the united states and other world powers. the head of the united states nuclear agencied a mitsds iran was allowed to provide its own samples from a military site in iran. however, he says they were taken under strict u.n. agency standards. the samples will be analyzed for signs that iran may have worked on nuclear weapons. the investigation is crucial to implementing the landmarked nuclear agreement. the faa is investigating a small plane crash sunday that killed two colgate university freshman. the plane had just taken off from an airport in central new york state. both were from ridgefield, connecticut. they were the only ones on board. a memorial service will be held at the colgate campus chapel. one new york city will never forget their engagement day. they had to be rescued from new
7:58 am
york's east river along with 17 other people when their traditional chinese dragon boat overturned. the accident happened just after franklin chu had proposed to his girlfriend vicky lee. he managed to hang on to the ring though when the boat went down. glad they are doing okay though. let's turn it back over to savannah and willie. >> have a story to remember, natalie. thank you. best selling author jackie collins died over the weekend after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. >> she's being remembered as a trailblazer in her field and an inspiration to her millions of fans. hoda is here with more. hoda, good morning. >> good morning, guys. in their statement jackie's family called her a beautiful, dynamic and one of a kind mother, and while the 77-year-old kept her illness private from the outside world, she did not let it slow her down. >> i mean, famous movie stars or drivers or makeup artists, always telling me the behind-the-scenes stories and i have to tone them down because if i told the real truth, they would say, jackie, it's gone too far now.
7:59 am
>> reporter: jackie collins just ten days ago on a british talk show locking happy and healthy promoting her latest novel. born in london she lived most of her life in the u.s. started her career as an agnle tress and gave it up in the 1960s and kwhikly found her calling as a writer? in my very early 20s i started to write and wrote a back called "the world is full of married men" and i looked along the book case that i bought a lot of publishers' book and thought if i like what he publishes he'll like what i write. >> reporter: jackie collins paved the race for racy plot lines, glamerous boc drops and strong female characters telling matt lauer in 2015. >> i've always written strong women, and i think that that's one of the women of the secrets of my success. women love my characters. >> reporter: collins was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer six and a half years ago but kept her illness private,
8:00 am
confiding only in her daughters according to "people" magazine. >> she wanted to life her life and not feel people's sympathy. they wanted to carry down with ma she was doing. >> reporter: people sat down with the writer on september 14, her last interview, as she decided to break her silence. >> i've written five books since my diagnosis, traveled all over the world and never turned down book tours and no one has ever known until now that i feel i should come out with it. collins said she knew of the lump two years before she went to see a doctor. always get it checked, she said and the sooner the better. that's the best advice i can give. social media has seen an outpouring in love. from her solder sister actress joan collins. farewell to my beautiful brave baby sister. i will love and miss you forever. rest in peace with the picture of two as children. and oprah. i always loved our interviews. >> jackie actually said on her gravestone she hoped it would say that she gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure. >> you know, it's interesting, guys. i talked to jackie collins and
8:01 am
looked on my radio show three months ago and talked about she was writing an autobiography and kind of racing through it and you wonder at that point if she had known or not, but left us all with a lot of great books. >> absolutely. and so productive even in the face of this battle. hoda, thank you. >> thanks, hoda. coming up, maria shriver on what matters most to american catholics and how they feel about pope francis as he makes his way to the united states. >> plus, go bold or go home. the most talked about outfits at the prime time emmy awards, bu who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. this season at chico's,
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8:05 am
>> you maybe i'll get a book and read. this is a topic you love. halloween. do you have a costume yet in. >> not yet. >> do you have one? >> i was thinking sexy donald trump. >> really. >> that's so weird because i'm about to show a picture of the sexy donald trump costume. let's see it. >> oh, my. wow. >> what is that? >> now, willie, i think those shorts might be a little short on you. >> i'll reconsider it after seeing these pictures. >> we all know the sexy whatever is already the thing for halloween and now there's the sexy donald, the short shorts and the make america great hat sold separately, i'm told. >> you know what, doing very well in the polls? >> is it. >> which poll? >> our poll. >> all polls. >> donald, how much drumps will we see this halloween? >> a bazillion. >> one on every corner. >> i just hope they are not all sexy. >> all right. let's play one of our favorite games. what is marshawn lynch up,
8:06 am
back despises talking to the press. he gave us this phrase i'm just here so i won't get fined. and last time we saw him selling skittles because he loves skittles on tv and has found a new way to be a spokesperson without actually speaking. >> approached me about being their spokesman and i said i don't know, i don't really like to speak so they said, well, pepsi's all about trying something new. give it a shot. so i said, okay. as long as i don't have to speak, and they said, okay. would you at least move your lips? glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug. >> wow. >> that's epic. >> that's fantastic. >> should have saved that for the super bowl. that's how good that is. >> doesn't have to speak and still getting money. the man's a genius, genius. >> one of the most popular stories online comes from the "washington post," get this, about a yellow-bellied water snake. here she is. i want you to look closely at her.
8:07 am
>> first of all, she hasn't had contact with a male snake for at least eight years. >> oh. >> secondly, this is -- she's pregnant, this is the second year in a row she has given birth. do you see the miracle of life there? >> yeah. >> hasn't seen a male snake in eight years. has two baby snakes. >> nature finds a way. >> yes. >> well, insects, i fess it happens with them, somf insects. >>, tell us more about that, nat. >> i just know from science class virgin births can happen. i think we need to put a camera because there's a male snake sneaking late at night. >> isn't that redundant? >> didn't have to go there. >> making a booty call, is that what you're saying, tamron, that's what it was, wasn't it that's what it was. >> we digress. >> where's marlon perkins when you need him. >> a star-studded wedding and
8:08 am
>> first, we want to say congrats to alison williams who got married on saturday. look at that from a beautiful ranch in wyoming. allison pictured that, check out the oscar de la renta dress and her dad walked her down the aisle and guess who officiated, if you don't know by now, toll hanks. that's a baller move. reportedly in attendance, katy perryonnd john mayer together and len, dunham and bruce springsteen, star-studded wedding but most importantly a beautiful bride. love, love, love, the emmys and andy sanberg. earlier we showed you the hbo stunt but how did he do as a host overall? in the opening number andy realizes he's missed out on a lot of good tv shows so he spends a year in a bunker getting caught up and finally emerges to show off what he's watched.
8:09 am
er call louie and "game of thrones," "modern family. "empower, "how to get away with murder."s "flash, reruns of "m.a.s.h.." "the daily show." the bachelorette and stephen colbert and "what not to wear." "army wives and "prison wives and "sister wives, "good wife" and 40 more shows about wives! >> that's awesome. >> brilliant, so andy is getting overall good reviews this morning for the first time as the emmy host and next time you say there's nothing on tv to watch. >> andy begs to differ. >> wow. let's get to the fashions we which love. the stars were practically melting on the red carpet. temperatures soared to 96 degrees. this is a beauty korean olivia kulpa almost fainted on the red carpet tweeting this picture of herself in a wheelchair and thankfully she's okay this morning and look at mario lopez.
8:10 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> he had to change his shiat multiple times because he kept sweating through them. ew. right. this got people talking the most, heidi klu in from versace. got a strong reaction to say the least online with some saying that this was not hei's best look. another risk-taker, january jones, "mad men" star in an emerald green juoksuit. what do you guys think? >> i like it. >> look at that. i think that's stunning. >> i love that color. >> pd.bably very cool on the red carpet. >> and good to take a plrisk. you're on the red carpet and u're a star. >> feel like emmys they take more risks. >> the best part, probably got it as a loner so if you don't like it you can take it back, lost no cash there. wh no was the best dressed and we asked you on teraji and lady gaga in black,
8:11 am
in brandon marshall and this metallic dress by marc jacobs this. dress is mesh and probably very, very heavy, guys. she joked that she felt all the breezes in all the right places. >> good for her. >> i like that. >> and winning with about half the votes, 49% of you say sarah highland, the "modern family" star wearing this beautiful burgundy number by zach posen so a nice mix of beautiful trends, off the shoulder, apparently very big. keep that in mind. >> liked the chains. claire dans had that cool chain dress, kind of punk rock look. >> couple that with sexy donald trump and you've got a winner. >> try that on the red carpet. >> al, how's the heat outside? >> here we go. if you think it has been a warm september, are you right. look at these temperatures. in the midwest into the northeast, anywhere from five to eight degrees above average, and inor fact for september we are on
8:12 am
track in the northeast for some spots that are going to be record-setting. the recd september temperatures, portland, boston, ne fw york, syracuse all within striking distance andhin some ses going to gs breaking those records, crushing them and then yoeru get i do the midwest. minneapolis, chicago, st. louis, des moines, all of these are their records and you can look at those temperatures. they are very close to either breaking or tying the record, and we even get into the southwest, denver, pueblo and albuquerque all with an temperatures upper 60s to the mid-70s for the records, and th are very close to breakin p them. of course, we have a weed and a half still left to go, but right now it looks like there's going to be a lot of records falling for the month of thanks very much. cooler out this morning in the per 50s to upper 40s in the suburb but we head back to the 60s and 70s. foasrecast high of 74.
8:13 am
should see some shun. 60 in the city and no rain to worry about. more of the same tomorrow. more clouds than sun and mid 70s. lots of sun by wednesday and the pope arrives thursday. a few clouds on friday and cooler by the weekend. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks very much. now to our special series "do you believe?" ahead of the pope's arrival nbc's special anchor maria shriver is here with a new shriver report. it's a snapshot poll of american catholics and just in time. maria, good morning to you. >> savannah, nice to see you. siore becoming ll der of the world's billion-plus catholics prance its has made h dlines fon,r steering the church in what many see a more progressive direction than ever before, but what do the faithful actually really believe? well, we recently polled catholics of all ages, races and political leanings here in the united states, and this morning a revealing look at the modern
8:14 am
american catholic under francis' papacy? whether on campus at the jesuit georgetown university >> i think pope francis is pretty great. i follow him on twitter. >> reporter: or outside at weekday morning mass in weesy. >> k hs definitely shown himself as the pope of the people. >> reporter: catholics are praising pope francis, sentiments echoed in a survey of american catholics in which 77% said his teachings match up with their beliefs and 44% sai he has made them feellcloser to their church. >> pope francis has the gift of hkrea,hing people of all beliefs, left or right, conservative, and i think that's a great lesson for all of us. >> reporter: but just who is us? when he arrives tomorrow the first latin american pope will set foot in a nation where now one in every three conlicks i hispanic. >> we really feel very happy to
8:15 am
have him, you know, as the first spanic pope. >> reporter: and while this popular pontiff hass,poken out on welcoming divorced catholics back to the church and allowingn priests to forgive abortion, the ll alsn shows that one the modern american catholic is a complex balance between accepting more progressive ideals for society. >> i'm pro-choice, i'm pro gay marriage and i think can i still be a good caolic. reporter: while preserving traditional church teachings in their own lives. >> as a catholic i go along with echurch teachings but the pope is embracing the struggles that we' mre seein today. >> reporter: when it comes to same-sex marriage, 76% said a good catholic could suppo it but only 54% would be mfortable if their own child was in a same-sex marriage. 71% believed a good catholic can be pro choice, yet just a mere 16% would be comfortable supporting their own child's
8:16 am
and on women in the priesthood, 88% believed one could be a good catholic and support women becoming priests. yet only half that number, 44%, say they would attend a church with a female priest. >> people have to understand that the church is not simple police a comfort blanket. the church is a challenge. jesus himself was a challenge to the religious values, if you will, of his time. >> reporter: and while 4 in 10 catholics, many of them younger, said they have considered leaving the church and 42% find today's church out of step with their own values, with the 2016 election around the corner, 71% said they would be uncomfortable with a presidential candidate who doesn't believe in god. as for pope francis, he's a leader most of the flock is eager to follow. >> we catholics, particularly we'll have to commit ourselves to listen to him.
8:17 am
we're going to have to, if we need, it undergo a conversion. >> reporter: well, one area that many felt a good catholic could not compromise on is wealth. 63% in our survey say you cannot be a good catholic if you place your own personal financial gain over the well-being o others, and something that's very in step with the pope's emphasis on inequality so when i was bock walking by a store i was looking at that, and i said not when pope francis is coming. not going to buy anything this week. >> not going to buy anything. >> the poll is fascinating, as i said. it's very timely. 48% polled said they saw pope francis as an influential political leader as well, and you and i were just talking is people tend to see in him what they want in terms of whether he's a liberal or a conservative. >> exactly. people who are liberal said he's liberal and moderates say he's moderate and conservatives say he's moderate to conservative but people of all faiths and all leanings will be watching what
8:18 am
congress this week, and i think that they have said, most people who have watched him, they say he's going to make everybody feel a little uncomfortable. >> clearly a lot of political leaders listen to him. ifled event president were catholic one-third of catholics said he horshe would be beholden to the vatican. >> fasz nating and even more so among younger catholics. clearly people who didn't live in the 1960s when he had this debate. people discussing people's faith thyoinking they be beholden to the head of whatever religion is, and we saw that with romney last time. still something people aren't that informed abret. >> the numbers are great to din into. maria, thank you. so happy you'llr e with us all this week. she will help lead our coverage of the pope's visit to america. tamron, over to you. >> coming you, two big stars, debra messing and pam a anderson, chatting about wrangler. they are both animals but he's nowhere to be find, but first
8:19 am
8:20 am
that is getting on to the bell parkway. a bit of a delay. 26 on this monday september 21st. happening now, the new jersey police officer turned himself 0,in moments ago he arrived in a black suv in a staten illand police station accused of driving drunk on a wrong way deadly crash. two of his friends were killed. his attorneys said he will plead not guilty. >> we still have a disabled vehicle by yankee stadium blocking the raft lane. delays about into the bronx and the ramp is closed to the cross
8:21 am
island. heere is a tree blocking the way. they are working on clearing that. westbound on the lie, there is an accident before exit 59 causing delays. back to you. >> breezy, comfortable and cool and mostly cloudy with a low of 60 degrees. more clouds than sun. 75 and it will be a beautiful day. thursday sunny for the pope's arrival and nice at 76 as well. coming up on the "today" show, debra messing talks about her new show, mysteries of laura.
8:22 am
>> happy birthday. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is 8:30. it's monday, september 21st. nice crowd out on our plaza. time to get -- oh, look at the little baby h.y's so cute. cute little baby. cute crowd. welcome back. >> coming up this half hour,
8:23 am
pamela anderson is here with a raw look at her life a an actress, a model and a mom. >> you know who else we love around here? we love debra messing, and she's here as well. she's talking about second chances because it's all about that on the second season of her new show so she's here to explain. >> and debra, exlant spokes modeling you are doing right there. >> she's got it. >> wait a second. you've got on sandals. the first of us to wear a jacket. broke out the jacket. >> my toes are confused. it's fall. >> your toes think it's summer. >> my body knows it's fall. >> your bottom half and top half aren't matching. >> oh, well, oh, well. >> let's show you what we've got going on starting with today. wet weather through the southwest. could be some flash flooding and going to be watching ow. cooler in the pacific northwest and warmth making its way into the northern plains and some rain down through central and southern florida, and then on tomorrow we're looking at more wet weather through the southwest and moving into the rockies and the cool weather
8:24 am
northwest and good news for the firefighters ther wet weather along southeastern atlantic coast and cool day in the northeast, new england and the great lakes. down into the gulf coast and on into the mid-plains. th thanks very much. a fair amount of cloud cover and mid-to high level clouds. no rain anticipated and a high of about 74 degrees. breezy at times. mostly cloudy and 60 in the city. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. little change really. highs in the mid 70s and more sunshine on wednesday and 81 for the pope's arrival on thursday. more clouds on friday and 76 and low and mid 70s for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. any time you need the weather go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> actherest, author, activist pamela anderson out with a new book giving us a candid look
8:25 am
inside her life called "raw" and pamela is here with us this morning. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i'm at home doing my show research yesterday and my wife says what are you looking at right now and i swear it's for work? pamela anderson's new book. >> i think she would like it more than you. women love it. >> babe, she, she is on the show today. it's legit. tell me about this book, photography, journal entries, poetry. how do you describe it to people? >> kind of like a scrapbook, hand put it together. my friend emma dunleavy has been traveling with me for 20 years and wanted to put all the shenanigans in one thing, that chapter, that chapter of my life but the pest part of the book is 50% goes to my foundation so it adds up for those buying it. >> what new will your fans learn about you by leafing through this book? >> some of the writing. i think it kind of shows the mania going on in my head and probably like everybody else that goes through relationships and is raising children. i write every single day so we put a lot of my journal entries in there and some of my poetry
8:26 am
the scenes, and it's -- you know, we thought we put it together and do something for charity. >> you actually write about your boys who are now 19 and 17. >> yes. that's why i'm always in tears. >> teenagers will do that to you. >> write this, tommy lee and i have raised very grounded and interesting sons out of the spotlight shielding them from the craziness of hollywood and fiercely protecting their hide choods. why was that so important to you? >> i think it's very important. they are going to make their own choices on the rest of the life and it wouldn't be their choice if we were dragging them down red carpets and as soon as i did, went to a friend's premier when brandon was 1 and 19 and got so much attention. of course, now he wants to be an actor. >> got two looking boys. >> they are gorgeous. >> they are gorgeous and talented and you have that humbleness, let's work on education and so that's kind of our right now. >> was there something about your experience in the spotlight that made you want to keep them out of it in. >> well, they are kids. i want them to have a childhood and we share our homes between
8:27 am
canada, you know, vancouver island and in l.a., and that will keep them really grounded, i hope, but they are genetically loaded so perfect gentlemen considering the gene pool. >> considering the gene pool. >> yes. >> there's talk out there now about a "baywatch" movie perhaps. >> you've heard that chatter. >> for 15 years. >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> are you interested, involved? >> i love -- i think it was of the times, television. it was 35 millimeter film, everyone looked good. i don't know if i want to -- i don't know. i don't know. i can -- i don't like remakes. let's think of new things to put in movies. >> what do you think when you see that picture right there? >> i would rather people think of me as that way than any other way. >> you're a sex symbol and icon of that time. >> now we're got matt lauer up there. we'll talk about that. >> sexy in a red swimsuit. i've seen that. you know you've hate it when you're a hall wane costume. >> what do you think about matt lauer at pamela anderson?
8:28 am
>> kind of looks like me now. >> i'm going to give you a lot more credit than that and here's the slow motion running. >> needs to work on that. >> you don't need two buoys, but one. i can help him for one year. >> have to reboot that ourselves and i played mitch. i was hasselhoff with a very furry chest so i was proud to be your fake wing manage. >> you look better. >> slightly. >> slightly better. >> pamela, so food to see you. the book is "raw" and your fans are going to love this. >> thanks. thanks for having me. >> "allure" best in beaute awards. seven breakthroughs that will have you looking your best. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ck to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
8:29 am
back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. we're back now. time for the best beauty award winners. this year after testing thousands of products the team at "allure" magazine has upped the ante. none of the 200 -- plus winners
8:30 am
has any idea they have won until right this minute. linda wells, editor, is here with a sneak peek. got my shopping basket ready. let's formalize it because i always steal the approximate after this segment. first of all, you've got -- >> 13,000 new products. >> and you try everything. >> we do. >> and it takes months and months and we send things to dermatologists and cosmetic chemists to make sure they are the best of the very best. >> and these are the breakthrough awards. >> this is something that's never been done before. they saw a problem and the first of their kind, whether in technology or ingredients and they are really exceptional. >> okay. let's start the shopping. this one is one. sorry, the segment. erasa. does it erase lines? >> it actually does. the closest we've gotten to botox botox. an empty box you just put in there. >> i put it. >> relaxes the muscles that cause the face to contract so your lines -- you're not paralyzed, not getting an
8:31 am
face are much more soft and lovely and wonderful. >> okay. >> and it also has anti-aging ingredients, traditional ones so a really good serum. >> what could we have here is. >> a pure pig meant called color fx and you can put a drop in it. 25 shade. a drop goes in your moisturizer that you use in the morning, whatever it is, mix it up and then you've got a custom foundation. >> it's supposed to match your color. >> it also uses your moisturizer so you're not using two products. >> i like that. kind of like a tinted moisturizers but it matches you. this one confounds me. never thought you were supposed to straighten your hair if it's wet. >> this actually has cool mist in it so it reduces. it's a remington t-studio. i'm really bad at this because i have naturally straight hair so forgive me. this is perfect. >> do it again. >> i'm doing this on amra who works at "allure." you can see the steam, a little mist.
8:32 am
>> not supposed to damage your hair. >> does it as a lower temperature and makes it straight and glossy and wonderful. >> like that. thank you very much. next. >> yes. we have an acne product, and this is called avene. this doesn't make your skin flaky and dry. it prevents excess oil production and also has anti-bacterials and has an exfollowant and it's really aggressive without looking or feeling aggressive. >> won't have your skin feeling icky after that. >> is this the in-shower product. >> all kinds of new products that actually work with wet skin and allow ingredients to penetrate wet skin which never could be done before. moisturizer. you put it on your body. when you've turned off the body your body is totally soaking wet. it takes the moisture and forms a little film on yourody of oil and then it pushes the moisture under the skin. >> so you wouldn't have to do lotion. >> this is it. >> is that the idea?
8:33 am
>> it goes on really fast and you only use a little bit. >> do it in the shower? >> you don't want the water on. okay. that's pushing it. >> i'll try it at home. >> what do we have here? >> this is from zoia and called naked mannequin and looked very dense in the product but it's actually very sheer and counteracts any yellowness or damage to your nails, using ke tin and on theal diffusers and a certain color of perfect pink. looks sheer. nail looks completyel clean, not ye ow or damw ed. >> if you don't want a color on makes your clear nails look nicer. >> and gel manicures and really bright colors cause your nails to yellow andhey cause dense and -- >> they do. so this is good. >> and then we have airbrush makeup. >> whoa. >> used to be a giant machine and was loud and expensive. this you can put in your purse, and it goes on just simply and has little pods inside and the
8:34 am
pods are bronzer, foundation, highlighter and blush, and then you just press a button. you want to try. >> >> yeah. >> i don't want to do it with your white shirt. >> i'll do this. it's just the tiniest mist, and it gives you really, really natural looking color. >> how do you know if it's the right color for you? >> there's jillions of pods and you test your skin and pop them in and pop them out. >> the one machine and pop out the colors. >> take the pods and can do all these different things with one machine. >> sold. >> thank you so much. linda wells, if you want more of the list, has it, an early look at the ten best products under $10. that's always a popular one. coming up next, debra messing on her hit show, her family and second chances this season. hmm. what does that mean? but first, this is "today" on
8:35 am
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
8:36 am
back for season two of her nbc show "the mystery of laura" where she plays a new york city detective and caring mom as she demonstrates in her own way. >> i saw her son. >> thankfully he's more hungry than traumatized. >> oh, i have a -- an unpaid xl cable bill. here we go. most of a granola bar. >> thanks, but theo is diabetic. we're sugar-free, gluten-free. >> tried that for a day. turns everything we're eating is chock full of gluten. not to rub it in, hon. so you saw the crash. >> good morning, debra messing. >> good morning. >> "mysteries of laura" picked up for a second season. >> yes. >> which is in itself an accomplishment these days? huge accomplishment. we were the only show that premiered last year on our network that came back for a second season so we were absolutely over the moon thrilled. >> and the reason is it's because it's really good.
8:37 am
different, i think. your publicity folks told me this was about second chances this season, and then i learn that your new partner on the force is your ex-husband. >> yes. >> my little mind is working that maybe there's going to be a love rekindled perhaps. >> who knows. >> okay. >> who knows. >> that is not a denial. >> that is not a denial. i'm not saying i know anything. but -- but, no, there has been a shift, and now we are partners in the field and so we need to spend a lot more time together, and, you know, things -- which means it can get funnier. we're still co-parents. we're trying to save the world, you know. >> there will be a lot of dramedy. >> there will be. >> the emmys were last night. did you watch? >> yes. did you watch in the way i love to curled up on the couch with stretchy pants and eating ice cream? >> i was in my bed, all of those same things, yes. >> highlights, how do you think andy sanberg did. >> i think he's just so delicious and adorable. >> i do, too. >> his whole opening thing.
8:38 am
it was like i like his face. i just like him a lot, yeah. i think -- i think viola davis winning was the highlight of the night for me. >> yeah. there were some amazing moments. tracy morgan coming back. >> yes. >> we were thinking about when you won your emy. >> yeah. >> and actually you were -- you had a secret at that time. >> i had a big secret. i was nine weeks pregnant and nobody knew but my immediate family and that whole last week that's a beautiful gown and it came all the way from beirut and it had to be let out, like every day that last week, because i just kept growing every day, and i was like oh, they are going to tell. they are going to be able to tell. >> does the designer know or is she thinking debra is eating a lot of potato chips before the award. >> i think he was given the lowdown because we knew we needed extra fabric. >> by the way, your son roman is now 11. >> he's 11. >> how is he doing in. >> spectacularly. he's great. >> it's back-to-school time and i learned something that we have
8:39 am
>> you as well as i, we are obsessed with office supply stores. >> oh, my gosh. >> i should live at staples. >> oh, my gosh! that's like my drug of choice. i mean, the pen aisle. >> yes. >> forget about it. >> don't even get me started on the notepads. >> the notepads, that's where my head goes -- and i can't handle it. for me it's all about the pens and it's like, okay, i need to find the bold tip and do they have any like fountain pens? >> back-to-school shopping, so fun i see a date of us in our stretchy pants and we'll go the office supply store. >> great. >> deborah, you'll be back next hour. >> and catch "the mystery of laura" that premiers wednesday right here on nbc. >> thank you. >> coming up, a live performance from the british sensation
8:40 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> british foreign singer and songwriter george ezra is quickly making a name for himself in the united states and his debut album "wanted on voiblg" features his hit "budapest" and at 22 years old george just getting started. george, guys, good to see you. >> yeah. >> had you here not long ago. had to have you back. >> thank you very much.
8:41 am
rocket ship ride. your album has blown up. not just budapest. you've got a lot of hits coming up soon >> you might be able to. i'm sock of it now. it's gone really quickly. kind of too quick to take it in what's going on. >> you're something of an old soul. >> i think billboard magazine described you as a boy band looks, which is a compliment and blues man chops. some of your heros are guys like bob dylan, maybe not what we would expect from a guy your age. how would you describe your sound? >> it's hard. people get awkward describing this. i grew up listening to a lot of american sicker/songwriters and british bands so i think it sounds like a mixture of two if that's anything to go on. >> a lot of old-timers. you like to go back. the song is "blame is on me." what's this song about? >> i moved to bristol when i was about 1 and one of the first songs i wrote when i got to bristol so it's sort about that. >> it's a good one. can't wait to here it. ladies and gentlemen, george ezra.
8:42 am
the garden blessed by the gods of me and you we headed west for to find ourselves some truth, oh, what are you waiting for what no, what are you waiting for we counted all our reasons, excuses that we maude we found ourselves some treasure and threw it all away, ooh what are you waiting for what are you waiting for what you waiting for no, what you waiting for when i dance alone and the sun's beating down
8:43 am
blame it on me when i lose control and the veil's overused blame it on me what you waiting for no, what you waiting for caught in the tide of blossom, caught in the carnival your confidence forgotten, i see the gypsies rule, ooh what you waiting for no, what you waiting for what you waiting for no, what you waiting for when i dance alone and the sun's beating down blame it on me when i lose control and the veil's overused
8:44 am
blame it on me what you waiting for no what r, what you waiting for what you waiting for no, what you waiting for when i dance alone and the sun's beating down blame it on me when i le control and the veil's overused blame it on me when i dance alone, i know i'll go blame it on me, ooh when i'll lose control, i know i'll go blame it on me, ooh
8:45 am
no, what you waiting for what you waiting for no, what you waiting for >>. [ applause ] >> wow. >> all right. >> fantastic. >> george ezra. >> we love you, george. >> well done. >> sounding good. thanks for being here. voyage." do yourself a favor and one of those you can put on first track and go all the way through.
8:46 am
next on the george washington bridge, it's 8:57. good morning. happening now, the fire department is investigating a fatal house fire on staten island. chopper 4 was over the house and the fire department called to the scene after 2:30. a 54-year-old man was found in the home when the flame had been knocked down.
8:47 am
university hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word as to his identity. breezy and comfortable and cool. mostly cloudy with a little 60s. more clouds and sun and 75. wednesday nice day sun and 81. thursday sunny and 80 for pope francis's arrival. nice at 76. saturday partly sunny and 75. just ahead on the "today" show, the best dressed stars at the emmy awards and we will be back
8:48 am
this morning on "today's take" debra messing unravels the mysteries of laura and reveals the new co-star what names the new season and a hot night on the red carpet. and we'll shoot hoops and talk books with kareem abdul-jabbar.
8:49 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's monday morning, september 21st, 2015. a beautiful day outside new york city to go along with a beautiful crowd. starting to feel a little bit more like fall out there. willie, a along with al and tamron and al is back. missed you, sir. >> missed you guys. >> and natalie, you brought al a nice morning jam. >> pleased to sit next to you. >> red carpet, hot one. >> 90 degrees. >> at least 95 degrees. >> crazy weather. >> all of the pope showed up to see the pope, 90 degrees with 91% humidity. >> 300,000 jammed together in a plaza. crazy weather. >> talking about those emmys. my favorite moment, our lead on
8:50 am
on daly. >> and our team at "the voice" winning the race and "the amazing race" wins every year and he made a joke the other luis aliceaing congratulations already to "the amazing race." carson is on his way back and instagrammed a photo of his emmy going through screening at the tsa. >> got a sweet shout-out for being producer, not the music man with the pretty face. >> no, he's out there. >> works it really hard. >> congrats to you, carson. good night. al, how about you? >> i've got to tell you, jon hamm. >> yeah. >> you know, finally, finally after seven tries winning emmy. i love how he comes up on stage. >> like this must be a mistake. you guys got this wrong. >> he is terrific, and then a little history with viola davis. >> yeah. >> first african-american woman to win an emmy for outstanding lead actress, and she had a great speech. >> yeah.
8:51 am
women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [ applause ] you cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. >> so true. >> very special. very special, and, of course, tracy morgan. >> yeah. >> what an emotional moment when he -- he showed up a surprise, walking on to the stage, no help to present the emmy for -- which i love outstanding drama. >> there you go. >> and, of course, his first awards show after being critically injured last year and let's hear a little bit of what tracy had to say. >> suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days, and i finally regained consciousness, i was just ecstatic to learn that i wasn't the one who messed up. [ laughter ] only recently i've started to
8:52 am
which means a whole lot of y'all women are gonna get pregnant at the after party. >> and he's back. >> and he's back, ladies and gentlemen. he's back. >> got that timing down. >> and you're waiting, even though he's serious. waiting for him to lead up. you know it's coming. boom. that is so funny. >> back on "snl" october 17th i think. so excited for him. >> how about our buddy jeffrey tambor. >> fantastic. >> best actor in a comedy series for "the transgender woman in "transperrin." >> he had a teach their said when you act, act like your life depends on it. such a good moment. >> good guy and been on the show when the show first started to promote it. he was here and just a gentle person behind the scenes and super friendly. >> yeah. >> he says he watches this hour every day. >> great sense of humor. >> a nice plug. just a great and that role has been so ground breaking.
8:53 am
>> transformative. >> and julia louis-dreyfus won for outstanding actress in a comedy series for "veep" again. she won and i love her speech as well. she thanked -- such a wonderful category of women who were up along with her for the award, for nomination and she said, you know, this one goes to all the funny ladies out there. i laugh sharing laughs. >> "veep" had a huge none, won best comedy. >> that was great. >> one of those shows you get it and you watch it, and you laugh out loud and you hope people next to you understand. >> the artistry which they dabble with profanity is just unbelievable. >> hard. >> the write is being so genius. >> and kudos to andy sanberg who did a terrific job yesterday. >> especially the opening digital pic, right out of the box, nailed it. >> nailed it. >> something that caught our eye outside. emmys, this little flower girl. she's 4 years old. her name is jojo. the setup alone, her name jojo,
8:54 am
anyway, she has to tell her dad or explain to her dad how weddings work so her dad wouldn't embarrass her. she's a flower girl. it's her job so take a look. >> you can't call my name when i'm gonna be walking down the aisle. no one can call us because we're gonna be busy walking down aisle. you -- you do not understand at all. >> she's got -- >> she looks like a mini amy schumer. >> looks like amy schumer and so precise. like you cannot call my name. 500,000 views already on jojo who will be hosting emmys i feel very soon. >> maybe she will host this show is how often are you that parent when you get the video camera, gosh, look this way. look this way, so i know where she's coming from. she's like don't look, don't ask me to look.
8:55 am
out and you dsson't get it but who gave her that intel? >> right. >> the bride. >> i told her, listen, jojo, go tell your family. >> jojo has the hand gestures. >> the moves. >> right here. right here. right here. >> look at me. look at me. >> she will be on the podium some day going like this. >> i love you, jojo. thank you for jojo's parents for putting that out there. love her. >> an article that caught my eye over the weekend and tamron, you're probably into this. mercury retro grade. what does that mean to you? >> means my life did -- >> spinning around wild. >> i can't find anything. >> the face don't know what this means. >> mercury retro grade. you're a science man, al. you should know this. >> it's not science. >> astrology. in "the new york post" this weekend, this article, why smart people believe mercury retro grade ruins lives so expression comes from -- there's three times every year where it
8:56 am
appears that mercury is spinning faster than earth. >> yes. >> so it's -- >> in reverse. >> m -hmm. >> so, therefore, it is retro grade. superman flying around. >> not really happening. >> when he slides and and reverses time. >> and everything goes crazy in your life. >> like freaky friday but every day. >> technology goes bust. your keys get lost and your computer freezes up, all those things that are going wrong. w>> happens three tim es a career. >> started on thursday through october 9th. >> i guess my question is does this not nap when there is no mercury retrograde. >> the belief is that it happens more. >> right. >> in fact, okay, are you guess into astrology. >> do we read? >> got to ask that question. do you know your sign? >> i know my sign but i've never read it. >> you're telling me -- >> taurus. >>ra so you're bull-headed and strong and fierce. >> yes. >> occasionally i'm sure you see a tweet with your horoscope or you might glance. you're nevmr drawn in, never? >> really. >> you don't look at "the new york post." >> no.
8:57 am
>> i look at it and i'm like, did that happen tome today or i tart to dread things. it doesn't rule my life, but i'm curious. >> but it takes up a little bit too much more time than it should. >> it doesn't mean we've actually believe in it. >> oh, no, no, no. some things go a little off sometimes. >> i'm old school '70s, hey, baby, what's your sign? >> hey, i'm about to do this witchcraft we call hocus called meteorology. >> you're a leo. >> i'm a leo. >> leo, yeah. >> leo, taurus, gemini. >> who is the gem any? >> me, i'm the gemini. >> go ahead, hell. what does your horoscope say about lhe weather? >> we're being looking at some wet weather down through the southeast and also a lot of moisture coming up out of the southwest. that could cause some flooding. we're going to be watching this over the next several days, three to five inches of rain and th1 roughout parts of southern
8:58 am
california and parts of arizona. afternoon temperatures really toasty from texas into the central plains and much of california above normal temperatures as is western an florida. for today we do look for a gorgeous day in the northeast and new england. flakes as well. more showers and thunderstorms will continue in the southwest. good news in the pacific northwest. cooler which is good news for firefighters working on those wildfires. that's what's going on around the plenty of cloud cover and limited sunshine. cool and on the breezy side and a high of 74. autumnal feel. no rain to worry about. overnight about 60 in the city. a few 40s and 50s and we do it over again and limited sunshine and breezy and 75. bright and sunny and warmer. fall arrives on wednesday at 4:22. a high of 81 and 80 for the
8:59 am
a few clouds and 76 for friday. >> nd that is your latest weather. >> you left out mercury. how is the weather on mercury today? >> very enlightening. don't do that. >> you've got a cool event. philly, saturday night. what happened? >> with stepping stones scholarship gala took lays in philadelphia. an event, i love it. one of these organizations that they spot talented kids in communities they feel are underserved. teachers who work hard but sometimes it's just not alwayse equal, and these kids are s tudying studying stem and robotic and mmeercury retrograde and they are building robots but at the same time checking their hearts. congratulations to them. outstanding. >> maybe it's a robot that checks your horoscope. >> don't get up. sit down. >> coming up next, the emmy-winning stars of "the mysteries of laura" debra messing. we'll talk to her about that. >> debra, what's your sign? >> and mostly about mercury
9:00 am
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9:03 am
debra messing became america's sitcom sweetheart, can i say that in. >> yeah. >> back in the 199 0 0s play issing grace sadler on "will & grace" and that's debra with her own stout ufor outstanding lead actress in a comedy. >> and now her series returns where she plays a crime-fighting mom. >> the moon moving into your work and health sector this morning is helpful, dear leo, so everything -- and you believe in your horoscope. >> sure. >> and mercury retrograde. >> oh, yes, yes.| my phone, my computers, everything stops working,
9:04 am
>> i believe. t believe. >> you better be a nice o your show. congratulations on this second season. >> thank you. >> this character, so many people root for her and why you've enjoyed this series. single mom, like yourself, just making it work. >> yeah, yeah. >> i really -- i loved being able to play a woman who is really at the top of her game in terms of her work and her love for her work and also a devoted mom who is jugglg everything, trying her best and doing, you know, taking it hour by hour and something i relate to and i know a lot of people, everyone is working nowadays so obviously, yeah, and it's tricky. it's tricky and there's light humor in the show and well as some really sophisticated murder mystery every -- every week so to me it's -- it sort of has a little bit of everything. >> let's reset the season for your fans as we come into season two. your ex-husband who is now your boss is now your partner.
9:05 am
how is that going? >> it's complicated. makes things more complicated on tv land which means great, right? >> we like that. >> right. >> he's no longer my oss and is my equal and we're out in the field and still co-parenting and when at the end of the season last eason he had expressed his love for me and then maybe f lioliot he said it, not sure. so -- >> yes. >> an injury. >> an injury, yeah, so,heou know, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. >> i watched the first episode of the second season and there's a little flicker of something brewing there. >> really, you think? >> so maybe a rekindling of the romance. >> th don't tell >> me anything. >>bthere's an answer. >> teach us that. >> we'll do that from now on. >> eric mccormick guests in the first. >> yeah.
9:06 am
>> i would love it, are you kidding? they are like my sister and my brothers until the rest of time and any chance to be able to play with them again, especially in a completely different genre and, you know, different venue and different kind of character, i would love to see megan go completely against type and play a very sort of subversive, you know, quiet villain. >> look at the director in you coming out. >> creative genius. cast already. >> people would be like what, huh, you know. >> someone is calling her right now telling her. >> exactly. she has her own show and tours the world with her singing and we're all pretty busy. >> you are. >> i almost had a guest starring role on your show. oll yeah, you did. >> what happened? >> it got cut. >> he didn't read his horoscope. >> why? >> because mercury retrograde. >> oh, there you go. >> all the way back.
9:07 am
>> that's why she's a superstar. >> this could have been go d. >> look at that. >> just like that it was over. >> over. >> in fact, i think i'm wearing the same suit. >> before we let you go, we saw an instagram post. you took a picture of a tool you really coveted in a store, a wood tool, we went ahead and got it for you. >> got me a tool. >> wasn't prior to seeing this thing and i just saw this and felt i feed this in my life. >> what else do you need? >> it has everything. that's so kind. i love presents. >> you like us until that's in tsa. >> you can use that when things go wrong from mercury retrograde. >> break your way through. >> the new season of "the mysteries of laura" premiers wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central here hon nbc. >> thank you very much. >> fun to hang out.
9:08 am
feel like i'm on "the view" or something. >> better. >> oh, sorry. >> beat it, messing. >> beat it. >> i just meant because there's a lot of you. >> yeah, thanks, thanks so much. >> your mercury sure is in retrograde. >> suddenly takes an ugly turn. >> but can he takjae on kareem abdul-jabbar? the basketball legend who doesn't think this is another show is here with us with his signature moves and to talk about his new book. he's brilliant after this. bye, debra messing.
9:09 am
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to your back... ...with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take... r ...and if you have any medical conditions. r taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or... ...insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea... ...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. he's an nba legend who needs no introduction but we'll do it kareem abdul-jabbar, the league's all-time leading score with 33,387 points and holds the nba record for the most valuable player award six times and holds nba career records for most minutes played and most field goals made. >> we could go on, but if that's
9:12 am
not impressive enough kareem is also a "new york times" best-selling author and has written his first book. best selling author among them. why a book based on the sherlock holmes theme. >> i've enjoyed it all my time. when i was here in new york, sherlock holmes and in my adult life i've watched the jeremy brett bbc series, those are very good and always enjoyed it and read it all, and i've always had aspirations to write a novel, but i didn't think i could do it so i stuck to nonfiction, and my manager said no, no, let's -- why don't you try this. and i was like, no, and she finally got me to do it, and -- and we've done very well. >> and why "my croft holmes."
9:13 am
that spoke to you? slight terms and such an interesting person and there's only a few paragraphs on him in the original, but he is described as being equally as observant as sherlock and with deductive reasoning like sherlock's and sometimes he is the british government. >> yeah. >> and this is at a time when great britain was a world superpower, so, wow, sherlock holmes' brother runs the government. a lot of interesting things you can do with it. >> yes. >> so myself and ana, we felt like we had a nice field to be in and create some back story and character that most people, they don't understand it and in the sherlock holmes stories he only goes from his offices to his apartment to the club that he founded where speech is not allowed.
9:14 am
>> yeah. >> so he's a very interesting guy. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of
9:15 am
>> good morning. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. this is september 21st and i'm kerry barrett.
9:16 am
killed at belmont section of the bronx. the 39-year-old was kill and he is a father of three with another child on the way. he was talking to a family member on the phone and a passenger pulled out a gun. he hung up and that was the last anybody heard from him. 74 is the high tonight and cloud we a low of 60 and tomorrow more clouds and sun with a high of 75. wednesday a beautiful day as autumn arrives. lots of sun and 81 degrees. next on the "today" show.
9:17 am
[instrumental music playing] windows are the eyes into the soul of the home. ugly soul. go to blinds to go with the largest selection of blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life. they're a designer's best friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. taking a look at headlines volkswagen's share price fell over 20% following the german automaker's admission that it rigged u.s. emissions test for about 500,000 diesel cars. volkswagen's chief executive said sunday he was deeply sorry about breaking the public trust. the company has promised to cooperate with u.s. regulators.
9:18 am
a shortage of turkey breast meat is booting prices and causing shortages in deli counters and sandwich shops. the wholesale price of fresh turkey breast is up more than 40% from a year ago, a record outbreak of bird flu forces farmers to euthanize millions of turkeys, especially the larger ones used for deli meat. however, there should be enough frozen thanksgiving turkeys to go around. they were packed and put into freezers month ago. binge tv watchers thrown for a loop on sunday morning. amazon which hosts servers for several major websites including netflix suffered an outage on sunday morning affecting netflix and amazon, reddit and timber and others. amazon said issues at its cloud facility in virginia are to blame or perhaps it was mercury in retro river grade. a big opening weekend for "the maze runner," and the sequel brought in an estimated $30 million, slightly less than the original.
9:19 am
"black mask" was second and "the visit" was third and let's get a check of the wet we are mr. okker. hey, al. >> thanks, natalie. a beautiful day in the northeast down to the great lakes and showers in the appalachians and the wet weather in the southwest. could be flash flooding tonight into tomorrow and you could see beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. much cooler and that's good news. tomorrow the sunshine continues, great lakes, cooler feel out there like an autumn day and limited sunshine. breezy and 74 degrees and mostly cloudy into tonight with a low of 60 into the city. 40s into the distant suburbs. no rain either today or tomorrow. high of 75 and the seven-day forecast shows no rain and it's warmer and sunnier for wednesday and thursday. high near 80 and back in the 70s with clouds on friday and saturday and sunday.
9:20 am
>> and that's your latest weather. tamron. >> it's what everyone is talking about after the emmy award show the fashions so which trends were hot from the red carpet? >> in style's" fashion and beauty editor at large joins us. >> good to see you. >> rocking one of the friends. >> i am. we're looking at all of the women's fashion. >> yes. >> we have willie here as the i guess the stereotypical male. >> what? >> no, i'm going to surprise you in this segment. >> he'll give us the he shade she said opinion. >> all right. >> so let's get it started. black is still, of course, the fashion color du jour. >> it's all about the new black. >> there's a new black. >> there's a new black. it's all about interesting silhouettes so here's lady gaga, for example, and she's wearing, you know, this designer brandon maxwell who is her stylist but you see how it's black and asymmetric and has an interesting shape on side so it's not just a very streamlined. there has to be some interest there.
9:21 am
little skin without being like strapless, what do you think in. >> looks very classy i thought. full cut. >> her look is usually a little over the top and this is nice and elegant for her. >> classic. >> so black is just not a safe color? >> it's not. >> there's teraji who wore alexander wang, her straps and chain and has a keyhole here and there was a sheer situation at the bottom so it was all about just taking black to the next woman. >> she's a gorgeous woman. >> beautiful, and the cutout is interesting. is that back for the fall? >> totally back. >> and amy poler. >> all about showing skin but not too much skin. >> you do like the cutout. >> i like that he likes that. >> metallic, you're wearing. >> i'm wearing metallic, and this is one of my favorite trends because i think you can wear something very simple and the metallic will give it pop. i love this trend, especially last night because i think carrie washington was one of the best dressed. >> right. >> and she was wearing a marc jacobs metallic silver dress straight off the runway.
9:22 am
they showed this last week here in new york during fashion week. >> love it. >> so she has connections she was able to get this dress. >> considered one of the best-dressed women in the world. >> looked great. love that it's shorter in the length and has the high sligt and it's sexy and the boxy shoulders give it edge and i thought she nailed? >> i know you like the high split because that's easy but the boxy shoulder, what do you think of it, very '80s dynasty. >> very unfair because she's one of the most famous human beings in the world. >> on a mortal? >> maybe not my favorite but looks incredible. >> amy kinsler who did metallic, too. >> that's our girl ellie. >> and she was in a very -- a more, you know, classic silhouette. >> this is actually from naene khan. >> and moving down, it was all about the pants. i'm all about the pants. >> i think pants are great. they are a way to be comfortable. >> i know. >> and also for somebody who just doesn't want to put on a dress i feel like there's androgyny there.
9:23 am
>> i don't like that notion. >> no, i don't like pants a being interm red as masculine or androgynous because people associate femininity with a dress, right? >> but there's a way to throw on an edge and have a super high heel and look sexy and i think january jones looked great in this green jim suit. >> killing it. >> she killed it and then also kieran who plays her daughter on "mad men" looks great, age appropriate and now she's transitioning. >> and your silhouette is lovely because these are all skinny, i have on skinny pants, but that's a fuller silhouette which is beautiful. >> the key for this is to wear the high heels. otherwise they will drown you. >> strong color, strong silhouette. >> we saw red, we saw pinks and then we saw a lot of teals. >> yeah. >> here's amy, and she's wearing zach posen, very beautiful color and laverne kaufman in teal, too, calvin klein collection
9:24 am
with the cutouts, there you go again. >> and solid colors with big this fall. doing it on tuesday trend and for all the people who said i'm not matching. it's supposed to be like this, intentional. >> not supposed to match. >> all about color blocking. >> you both look great. >> i rock the pants, too. >> always on trend, you know me. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> you know, from paper towns
9:25 am
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9:28 am
>> alongside mickey rourke who plays a retired assassin. you're there with mickey rourke, one of the most fascinating people in hollywood. what was your meeting like in. >> i grew up like watching "diner" and "rumble fish" and in the eighth grade when "the wrertler" game out and i snuck in and watched even though i wasn't allowed to. a huge fan of his. we did a chemistry read and did the scene where he's supposed to hold up a pab cage and didn't have a pancake and threw a coffee foam at me and he's like i like this get. >> kind of good could havy. other. i like this kid. this. you have to fight mickey rourke boxer. >> i was terrified just because, you know, he's a great boxer and a great fighter and has done all these movies where he fights and i thought if he makes contact i'm dead. >> and then he was terrified. >> and he did make contact.
9:29 am
>> but like, you know, magic movie, and he was terrified of me hitting him because i had no idea what i'm doing. thought i might accidentally hit him because i've only done one fight and the one fight scene i actually did get hard by patrick schwarzenegger and it's in the movie and like snot comes out of my nose. >> okay. >> and thankfully mickey and i did not make contact for real. >> your health, good news. >> this has to be kind of incredible for you. you've listed mickey rourke and robert de niro and dustin hoffman as your idols. >> yeah. >> you've got a new movie coming out called "the intern" with robert de niro so you've worked with two out of three by the age of 20. >> and i had an acting lesson with dustin hoffman in the eighth grade and won a contest. an embarrassment of riches, amazing, and learned different things from each of them and, you know, i just aspire to be, you know -- >> well, you're getting there, so busy. seems you're here every other week.
9:30 am
keep going, matt. >> wrangler has had a little spot and there you go. matt, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> "ashby" is theaters on demand and digital hd this friday. up next, live style expert bee smith and her h you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. what makes a subway footlong the biggest, bestest sandwich? you do. 'cause it's all about your choice. of freshly baked bread. tender meats, melty cheeses, and everything in between.
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use daily. l'oreal volume filler penetrates to volumize skin surface layers. cheeks are fuller. hallows under the eyes less pronounced. revitalift volume filler i can see the difference here and here. we're worth it. she's a legendary lifestyle guru known as bae smith and four careers ago she was diagnosed with early alzheimer's. >> we'll talk to her in a home but first a look at her extraordinary rise to fame. >> bae smith beginning her career as a fashion, the first african-american model to grace the cover of "mademoiselle" magazine in 1976. a master entrepreneur she went on to become a famed restauranteur as the owner of three restaurants.
9:35 am
>> that's our show for today. thanks for watching and remember, whatever you do, just do it with style. >> and her innate lifestyle expertise was on full display when she hosted her long-running television show "b. smith with style." with the addition of her magazine, three books and home collection she cemented her role as a lifestyle maven. today her spirit is front and center in the battle against alzheimer's. >> i'm b. smith and i suffer from alzheimer's disease. >> she and husband dan continue to share their story, raising awareness and determined to help others who are fighting the disease as well. >> b. smith and ben, good to see you. >> thank you. >> how are you doing, b.? >> i'm doing great. i'm feeling good and -- and i'm making sure that we're eating well, and you know, we're taking care of ourselves and things like that so i'm -- i'm very happy.
9:36 am
and we've learned to adapt to things that are changing but that doesn't dampen her spirits. >> what are your struggles with, b., right now and on this day, world alzheimer's day? where do you find yourself having the hardest time with right now because this is a disease that evolves over time and every day is somewhat different. >> you're right about that, but, you know, it's -- it's -- for me it's all about the family and i still cook. i still like to do that, and i like to be a part of, you know, the family and have, you know, us all together and that's -- that's a good thing. >> and family has been a very important part of what we're doing and that's one of the reasons why we're hearing today. we >>'re very happy to be partnering with care giving action network to celebrate, take one moment to recognize the
9:37 am
people who are out there, the front line and the care givers and what we're doing is hopefully by bringing awareness to alzheimer's and care givers in particular, we want them to know that they matter and so what we're going to be doing going around is to tell people that -- to take one moment using the #, take one moment for people who have alzheimer's or who have had alzheimer's to send via social media a memento or photo of them, and by doing so we're going to have the care giving action network give a thousand thank-you meals to people out there who have been on the front lines, the first responders and caregivers. >> that's amazing. >> 15 million americans are estimated to be caring for someone with alzheimer's, and you guys have been front and center about this. you've got a book coming out. >> yes. we'll be -- we'll be putting
9:38 am
we look forward to that, and it's -- you know, the thing we've learned is that there's a journey, and that you have to be able to adapt and what sweetie is doing by being out there, first, education is important and exercise is critical in this journey with alzheimer's, and to be honest and to keep a journal of what's going on so that as things progress you can let your caregivers -- your doctors and clinicians as a care giver know what's happening so that they can use the proper techniques and medications to make a difference. >> and you as a care giver as well, dan, i know you said that this is part of a club that you never asked to be a part of. >> yes. >> it's a very tough thing to be in the position. >> natalie, it's the toughest thing i've ever had to be. it's easy to be a boyfriend or husband or relative, but to be a care giver, to watch a person go through and challenge and to help them and to learn the greatest language of all, patience.
9:39 am
you know, that's the toughest thing. >> so true, well said. >> you look terrific, b. and we hope continued good health. als great to see you. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> and if you would like more information about the take one moment campaign head to we'll be back in a moment with the great kareem abdul-jabbar who is going to shoot some baskets with us, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:40 am
back with kareem abdul-jabbar. i think you wanted to learn the sky hook, tamron, didn't you. is that what you're saying? >> this one is worthy. i'm not worthy. >> roker. >> what are the finer points? >> the finer points. >> give me the ball. >> okay. >> when you shoot, i'm right-handed, i don't want to have my back to the camera. >> that's okay. >> we're good. >> you want to release it off of your fingertips and want to get it back here so the defense canned get to it so that's
9:41 am
>> that's an unstoppable move, al. >> come on, al. let's see it, al. >> sky hook it, al. >> air ball. air ball. >> al, keep two hands on the ball as long as you can. >> as long as you can one more shot, al.
9:42 am
>> congrats on the oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule. welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling for $89.99 a month. time warner cable.
9:43 am
good morning. taking a live look at the alexander hamilton bridge. it's september 21st. the mayor expected to meet ith james blake later today. officers mistakenly arrested make outside of a mid-town hotel. while the officer involved was placed on desk duty, blake said he should be fired. breezy, comfy, cool and a couple of clouds. 74 degrees for the high and a low of 60. tomorrow more clouds and sun and a high of 75. wednesday will be beautiful. fall arrives. 81 degrees. thursday sunny and 80 for the pope's arrival. clouds moving in on friday and the weekend is spectacular. >> up on the "today" show, the little changes that make a big difference when renovating your home. we will see you back here this
9:44 am
30 minutes.
9:45 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from
9:46 am
>> hello, andonassidy romeo, and are hoping that you have had lo ely weekend and very lovely on the east coast and hot here. >> and very last weekend of sum meer? >> i think it is. >> and we have a very big show with willber from "that '70s show show" and hand selected. >> and all of the stars were out, bt is out who has made some tweaks to the and. and look at that. >> she is going to be making her redos. without miles? ctor
9:47 am
"pitch per pekt ii" and now playing robert de niro's boss. >> and yes. >> we will have the latest about our girl j.lo and wait until you see her at 46. >> fine. >> and what happened to you over the week snend end? >> i took a road trip and went to philadelphia where my adorable friend lee is. >> sure. >> i wanted to go hang out with her and i said, i wanted to hang out with her h, and soy made a pop-up lemonade stand and i put pop-up pitchers and lemonade there, and i rode there and look at what we did in her lobby, we had our own leah's lemonade. >> oh, hoda, what a lovely idea.
9:48 am
bought lemonade and it was 50 cents, and they paid $5 for it, and her grandmother was there, too, and she was so sweet. we also did the song -- >> it looks like she would be your granddaughter, because she is so great. >> she loves that song "all about the bass" by meghan trainor and we did a dove smash. i'm about about that bass no treble i'm all about that bass >> how great to have her. >> so precious. >> and she is looking so strong. >> yes, and she is going to back into hospital today monday for more treatments and she is looking good. >> we are praying for her. god bless her. >> and you were busy? >> yes, it is a season opene for the giant, and big, big day, and even though they lost one on the road.
9:49 am
>> look at you.
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